Third Party Monitoring (TPM) Technical Lead



SoCha is contracted to deliver the USAID/Kenya and East Africa (KEA) Localization, Inclusion, and Sustainability Activity (LISA) with the aim of assisting USAID staff and stakeholders to be more efficient, effective, transparent, inclusive, and skilled in achieving development outcomes. To achieve this, LISA seeks to enhance USAID/KEA’s organizational project design, programming, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) practices, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) objectives, and mission-wide localization efforts by elevating local voices and co-developing and co-creating USAID/KEA programs with local partners including marginalized populations, girls and women, and youth.


The LISA program, implemented by SoCha LLC, seeks experienced specialists to lead and manage Third Party Monitoring (TPM) activities.


Scope of Work

LISA seeks short-term consultants to serve as technical leads for TPM tasks for the following technical areas:

The technical lead MUST indicate his/her areas of speciality.

The technical lead MUST indicate the counties they have work experience in.

The technical lead MUST indicate counties they can comfortably work in and should be conversant with the local dialect.



The Technical Lead responsibilities will include:


Minimum Qualifications



Various counties in Kenya as needed.


How to Apply

Contracts and LOE will be issued based on requests for services. Contracts will generally be for one to three weeks, with LOE between 7 to 35 days.

To submit your application, kindly provide your CV using the form provided below.

Position will remain open until a suitable candidate has been identified.