SoCha offers the full range of ME&L services, providing a comprehensive solution from strategy to impact. We design, implement, manage and refine ME&L systems under contract and cooperative agreement with donors such as the U.S. Agency for International Development, the Asian Development Bank, the Department for International Development, and the United Nations Children’s Fund; for philanthropic foundations such as UBS Optimus, the Elma Foundation and Dubai Cares; and for private NGOs and national governments.

SoCha team members specialize in advancing social science solutions to improving applied humanitarian and development interventions. The ME&L team has evaluation experience at the macro and micro level, ranging from national and regional, to community level, using a variety of approaches to measuring effectiveness across a range of geographies and diverse cultural contexts. Team members have developed monitoring systems, including qualitative and Meta evaluation models for impact and performance measurement, rapid field evaluations, design of data collection methods, surveys, and data quality assessments at project, country mission and donor levels. The SoCha team has regional expertise in developing areas, with experience in across Southern, Eastern and Western Africa; the former Soviet Union, the Middle East, and South and Southeast Asia.

Our primary service areas are:

Our approach to monitoring services supports Mission decision-making with SoCha expertise and capabilities. We view Mission Staff as development catalysts with whom we can provide complementary, results-driven performance management and ME&L-related support. We keep an eye on compliance requirements (ADS201) and utility (what decision will the collected data inform). We have extensive experience designing monitoring frameworks at the Mission and activity level, including mobilizing, training, deploying and managing third party monitors. We combine a broad range of packages, such as handheld technology using Survey-to-Go and SenseMaker™ to capture on the ground realities and ensure highest levels of accountability and reliability in third party monitoring. SoCha also offers our clients data integration and GIS expertise such as sophisticated geo-intelligence (e.g. hotspot vulnerability mapping). Core services that SoCha offers include:

  • M&E Services and Data Management
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Strengthening Theories of Change
  • Capacity Building

SoCha is known for highly quality evaluation and assessment design and implementation. Our evaluation expertise has been applied across multiple sectors, including economic growth, agriculture and trade, biodiversity and climate change, education and training, global health, democracy and good governance, urban programs, WASH, women in development, youth, STEM and collaborative partnerships. We develop questions that investigate causal impacts from wider social change perspectives; ensure that evaluations and other analytical products align with the Mission’s Learning Agenda; select the right evaluation, assessment and analytical tools and methods; and create data collection plans that are actionable and cost-effective. We offer a methods-driven approach to analytical design, implementation and management services across the program lifecycle with a level of sophistication none of our competitors can hope to achieve. To complement our experience with performance evaluations, whole of project evaluations and impact evaluations, SoCha offers the following services:

  • Utilization-led Approaches and designs
  • Evaluation methods guidance tool
  • Rigorous QCA Comparisons
  • Cost Effectiveness Analyses

SoCha’s experience identifying lessons and best practices in around the world gives us a unique perspective on the intersection of CLA and knowledge management. We use a unique approach based on a two-phase process that incorporates (1) a knowledge audit to assess supply and demand of assets and needs, and (2) knowledge management support for a tactical deployment plan. Comparing the knowledge supply and demand allows SoCha to map the gaps, provide solutions, and pave the way for more enhanced institutional memory.

SoCha has fully embraced how CLA can be used as a flexible approach to improving development programming. Through our previous work, SoCha has established best practices to support missions to mainstream CLA across the program cycle. We take guidance from ADS 201, which outlines the requirements for CLA, as well as USAID websites like Learning Lab to support practitioners both behind the firewall and publicly. We have learned that advancing the CLA agenda requires tangible definition and appreciation for context. SoCha therefore takes a holistic approach to CLA by strengthening organizational processes through learning moments across the program cycle to support adaptive management.