Chief of Party/Deputy Chief of Party (Georgian Local National) 

USAID/Georgia Data-Driven Collaborating, Learning and Adapting (CLA) Support Services



SoCha intends to submit a proposal for the USAID Data-Driven Collaborating, Learning and Adapting (CLA) Support Services in the Republic of Georgia. The purpose of the activity is to enable data-driven decision-making and evidence-based collaborating, learning, and adapting within and amongst USAID/Georgia and its partners to improve program management and development impact in Georgia. As development programs continue to adapt to the rapidly changing and dynamic operating environment in Georgia, USAID/Georgia requires access to up-to-date and on-demand contextual information, systems, and processes to coordinate timely programmatic responses, and qualitative and quantitative context data to advance the goal and development objectives of its 2020-2025 Country Development Cooperation Strategy. As information sources and data points continue to grow, the Mission also requires comprehensive knowledge capture, retention, transfer, and management practices to support evidence-based decision-making and efficiently and effectively facilitate CLA approaches within USAID/Georgia and amongst implementing partners. Additionally, the Mission requires performance improvement services for its strategic partners, and an approach that fundamentally ensures responsiveness to program participant feedback regarding USAID’s assistance. 


SoCha is looking for qualified individuals to fill the roles of Chief of Party (COP) and Deputy Chief of Party (DCOP). The successful candidate will be nominated as Key Personnel as part of the bid process and onboarded on successful contract award to SoCha and donor approval. 


***Georgian citizens preferred***  


Scope of Work

SoCha seeks an experienced COP and DCOP to provide overall and day-to-day management of contract performance and coordination and communication with USAID activity managers. SoCha anticipates that a Georgian local national in the DCOP role may be promoted to COP, replacing an expatriate incumbent, during the life of the project. SoCha is therefore recruiting highly qualified Georgian local national individuals for the COP and DCOP roles. The positions will ensure that activities are managed and implemented in accordance with the approved budget, USAID regulations and procedures, and the specifications determined in the scope of work. 


The COP/DCOP responsibilities include the following: 


Minimum Qualifications and Experience



Tbilisi, Georgia


How to Apply

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